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The International Arthurian Society (IAS) was formed in 1948 and brings together scholars interested in Arthuriana from all over the world.

Conferences & Events


The IAS holds an International Congress every three years, and national branches hold branch meetings in the interim years.

IAS Publications


From 1949-2011 the Society published an annual bibliography and research articles in the annual Bibliographical Bulletin of the Arthurian Society/ Bulletin Bibliographique de la Société Internationale Arthurienne (BBIAS / BBSIA). The last combined volume of the bibliography and research articles was in 2011, and they are now separated into the two new publications below, JIAS and BIAS, both available online.

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The IAS welcomes new members. If you are a scholar working on Arthuriana, please click through to find out more.

Branches & Committees



The Society is sad to announce the passing of some of its highly esteemed members.

Travel Grants for the International Arthurian Congress

IAS offers a number of travel grants for graduate students travelling to the International Arthurian Congress at Wuerzburg.