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Archives of the Society

At the last IAS congress, held in Würzburg in July 2017, Prof. Raluca Radulescu offered the Centre for Arthurian Studies at Bangor University as the dedicated place for the archives of the IAS.

The Archives of the British Branch of the IAS (including numerous records about the foundation of the society and subsequent congresses) have already been established there, and thirty-odd cartons of documents, papers and books had been received and will be catalogued. It was recommended that the archives of the IAS would also be established in the Centre, with additions from the other branches expected to arrive over time. The Archives can be consulted by prior appointment with the Archivist and Prof. Raluca Radulescu. [at the Bangor Centre for Arthurian Studies ]

The following procedures have been recommended following consultation with the international committee:

- archival material is now solicited and the national branches are invited to contribute, on the understanding that documents would need to be briefly described in an email to Prof. Raluca Radulescu (r.radulescu@bangor.ac.uk) at Bangor University’s Centre for Arthurian Studies, so as to establish potential levels of duplication with existing materials in the archives already located at Bangor University;

- bulky materials be sent to Bangor CAS at the cost of the individual branches

This development reflects item 7 in the minutes from the last congress in Würzburg, as excerpted below:

7. Report on the Society’s archives

Raluca Radulescu presented on the Arthurian ‘Centre de Documentation’ dedicated to the archives of the IAS. It was desirable to install the archives at Bangor, because the Centre for Arthurian Studies was already established there. So far, thirty-odd cartons of documents, papers and books had been received and required cataloguing. Advanced and doctoral students will undertake this work. The funding is mainly from the British branch, but other branches would be able to add to it in the years to come. The idea is to collect all useful archives from all the IAS branches.

The meeting wished Raluca Radulescu well with this excellent enterprise and thanked her for her initiative.

Archives of the Society