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​The Vinaver Trust

The Vinaver Trust awards grants towards the publication costs of books on Arthurian topics.

​The Vinaver Trust awards grants towards the publication costs of books on Arthurian topics. It was established in 1981, when the British Branch of the International Arthurian Society, at the urging of Eugène Vinaver, formerly professor of medieval French at Manchester University, and Cedric Pickford, professor of Medieval French at the University of Hull, found the British Branch had earned an astonishingly large sum in royalties from endorsing Arthurian plates for a Swiss ceramics firm, Atelier Arts. Since then the Trust has disbursed around £100,000 to subsidise the publication of 85 or so Arthurian books, all impeccably scholarly: books like a multi-volume series, Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages (published titles include The Arthur of the English, the Welsh, the French, the Germans, the Iberians, the Italians ...); editions and translations of Arthurian texts which might otherwise be uneconomic (so for instance a translation of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, or an edition and translation of the Anglo-Norman Prophecies of Merlin); illustrations which bring a topic to life (so Barbara Lupack’s Illustrating Camelot). 

Grants extend to any scholarly publication on an Arthurian topic, in any of the languages endorsed by the International Arthurian Society, that is German, French and English; they have covered Arthurian topics of all sorts, literary, historical, artistic, cinematic. The Trust’s grants are not always large, but they can make all the difference between miserly publications and handsome ones, and they act as a spur to publishers who might otherwise be reluctant.

To apply, use the proforma attached here which should be filled in by the publisher, and not by the author. And for further information, contact the Director, Professor Jane Taylor (jane.taylor@durham.ac.uk), or the Secretary, Dr Geoffrey Bromiley (g.n.bromiley@durham.ac.uk).

​The Vinaver Trust